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Choosing The Right Paint Finish

Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room – or even a home. A fresh coat of paint in a trendy color can update a room in an instant. Choosing the color is only one aspect of picking the right paint; the finish or sheen are also important aspects to the look and feel of the space. Matte Finish Matte finishes is are basically a flat finish. There is no sheen at all.  Today’s matte finishes reflect rich tones and are much more luxurious than the dull finishes of the past.   The reflectivity [...]

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Choosing Colors for Your Home

 COLOR CHOICE        Color has the ability to affect the feelings and moods inside of a home.  They also have the same direct affect when it comes to design in general.  From structures, to clothing and artwork, color is the demonstrative contributor to the overall appearance and statement created and what attracts us. FIRST CHOICE AND PLEASE NO RAINBOWS     When choosing to design or redesign your home, your color palette should be your first choice.  Starting from this point is how the foundation of the design is created. I have been in homes in which each [...]

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Your Environment and How it Affects You

My Beliefs  I have had a long held belief, which I am sure is shared by many.  I sincerely believe that your surroundings affect your life.  This can come in many forms.  It can be the people you surround yourself with and the home you live in.  It can also be the community you are a part of.  What I don't know is if people actually realize that all of these areas do have a tremendous impact on your life. Why It Is Important To Choose Wisely The importance of surrounding yourself with good people that support you and encourage [...]

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The Importance of Staging

Why Stage Your Home Home staging has been around for several years now, becoming ever more important in the past decade in elevating the presentation of a home listing.  Having your home professionally staged presents the home in such a light that it draws far more prospective buyers than if it were vacant or shown with the current owner’s possessions. Who Doesn’t Love A Model Home Our love of looking at model homes in new subdivisions should give us a clue.  Beautifully laid out design with furniture placement and palette of colors makes an emotional impact.  Staging a home gives [...]

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Good to Be Home

Welcome to the new Grace Designs SoCo website (which was previously Grace Designs O.C.) and it is nice to be back home with family and friends here in beautiful wine country. The Past Many of you know that I spent the last 2 1/2 years in Orange County.  I won't lie, I truly loved my time in there.  I worked as a designer with my business Grace Designs O.C. and as a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker in Newport Beach.  Both were fabulous experiences which allowed me to learn something new and different, which was so needed and [...]

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