My Beliefs

 I have had a long held belief, which I am sure is shared by many.  I sincerely believe that your surroundings affect your life.  This can come in many forms.  It can be the people you surround yourself with and the home you live in.  It can also be the community you are a part of.  What I don’t know is if people actually realize that all of these areas do have a tremendous impact on your life.

Why It Is Important To Choose Wisely

The importance of surrounding yourself with good people that support you and encourage you is so very important to each and everyone one of us.  To love and be loved is necessary to our essential nature as human beings.  Surround yourself with negative people, you and your life will feel the detrimental affects of that choice.  When it comes to your home, it goes along the very same lines.  Living in a cluttered mess,  your life will be a cluttered mess.  Having things around you that bring back sad or bad memories will keep your spirit down.  Live in darkness and your life will feel void of light.  Having a community that you live in that is not taken care of has an affect on the people who reside there, bringing down the self esteem of the community.

Be Willing To Change

Each area I mention is a full topic on their own.  With my work as a designer and as a real estate agent here in Sonoma County, it is my passionate belief about the importance of physical surroundings and having them create a good impact on your life.  Some people are afraid of change and I get that.  I am just not one of them.  I have gotten so used to “change” that we are now good friends.  It is the one constant in life.

What You Deserve

The more important thing is that we should all be enjoying a beautiful home environment and a living a life we love.  It just takes starting in one area, one choice at a time. If it doesn’t make you happy…change it.  Choose carefully the people you spend time with. Create that beautiful bedroom. These are two areas you can control. Enjoy a relaxing living room with good friends and family.  Have your kitchen light and bright to enjoy the foods you prepare for loved ones and festive gatherings.  Even when it comes to your outdoors you can create a little slice of heaven right in your backyard.  Don’t keep things around you that make you feel bad or remind you of a painful past.  Be open and willing to change and trust me the inspiration will arrive.

Dream a Little Dream

It is important that if you truly want to change your life or improve it, you have to be willing to change things and that includes your perspective, what you hold onto, what you probably could let go of and be willing to dream a little and give those seeds a chance to grow into something beautiful.  It is worth the every bit of time you take to invest in yourself and what you surround yourself with….I sincerely promise you that!

With love,