Color has the ability to affect the feelings and moods inside of a home.  They also have the same direct affect when it comes to design in general.  From structures, to clothing and artwork, color is the demonstrative contributor to the overall appearance and statement created and what attracts us.


    When choosing to design or redesign your home, your color palette should be your first choice.  Starting from this point is how the foundation of the design is created. I have been in homes in which each and every room is a different color, therefore the home has no basic theme.  It’s like being in a rainbow, which if you are a child is fun, but not so much as an adult.  Believe it or not, too many bold colors that dominate your rooms, can actually have more of a negative impact on your surroundings


     Let’s start with some basic color palettes.  A “Monochromatic” color palette is several different shades of the SAME color.  Using a monochromatic palette can still give you depth to your design with the different shades of whatever color your choose.  For an initial palette, neutrals are good to choose from, whether you choose gray, beige or greige. Below is a sample monochromatic color scheme of “greige”, a cross between beige and gray.


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     Another color palette choice would be “Related Analogous”, which are 3 to 5 shades, tints or tones of neighboring colors. I’m sure you think I am pretty smart using those big words!   Trust me, any designer knows these schemes, because they work.  You really just need to use them.

    When you look at these next to each other, they all compliment each other and really create the balance of light and dark.  The kitchen in this post is based on this color theory.  The back splash is like a “seashell creme” with touches of gray.  The cabinets are a shade of white, of which there are 45 shades of white.  The quartz counter tops are a blend of gray and white.  All together they create a beautiful and bright kitchen.  The addition of the dark wood floor does not overtake the room. It only adds warmth to it.  The stainless features go perfectly with this kitchen and don’t stand out too much.  Appliances should never be statements…ever!


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     This is the easiest way to start to design your home.  Having a color palette is key to begin with.  It gives you a map or guide to follow as you make your choices.  It also keeps a subtle theme throughout your home.  It’s much easier to add to a neutral palette than it is to a rainbow if colors…..unless it’s unicorns!!  I think many of us had our run at colors, only to discover they weren’t quite what we had hoped and sometimes bore nauseating results!!  I’ll be the first to admit those entertaining mistakes.

     So my best piece of design advice when starting out is to have a color palette.  Choose a palette that makes you feel good and will allow you to add your decor and create a beautiful balanced interior design to your home. Should you need help with any design questions or need suggestions, please feel free to contact me at (707) 477-9885.

All the best,

Holly Young

Grace Designs SoCo